Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hey All!
Something new for my blog, Item of the Day/Week! I haven't decided yet!

Up first are some adorable turtle dish cloths that Margaret (my mom) at Make A Memory has made!

Make cleaning fun with these adorable turtle face scrubbies or dishcloths! Made from 100% cotton. No pattern was involved, this was made from scratch. Since this is made from 100% cotton, it will get softer with each use! Each Turtle Measures: 5.25" from head to tail and 3.25" wide. Machine wash cold water and dryer safe low heat or air-dry flat. Cotton will fade and shrink a bit on first washing.

Enjoy! These make great Christmas presents too!
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1 comment:

kimforbeads said...

Those turtle scrubbies are adorable, great idea & very original.