Friday, September 5, 2008

Art All Night - Tattoo Inspired Accessories

I recently contacted Emily of Art All Night a.k.a Faster Than You to do three custom tattoo inspired bracelets. She nailed the designs on the head and had them done and shipped to me within the same week! Her customer service is certainly five-star quality and the most important thing is she has the product to back it up!

From Emily's profile:
"Welcome to Faster Than You! All jewelry and accessories are hand painted, drawn and assembled giving you a truly unique piece. my motto is, "life is too short to wear something boring", so why not treat yourself to something that is unique and fun?"

She truly is great to work with and you should totally check out her shop!

Kittycrossbones, signing off (for now!)


littlebrownpen said...

Very cool! Love your blog, btw.

Emmy Lou said...

enjoy your new bracelets!

The Tote Trove said...

I just bought two pieces from Emily: a unicorn cuff and unicorn necklace. Both are fab; can't wait to wear them!